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Vertoz’s Programmatic Workshop: Familiarize Yourself With The Futuristic Way Of Advertising

Technology is driving businesses throughout the globe - in multiple sectors and across multiple verticals. In today’s digital world, technology-driven advertising is the new normal for marketers. To ensure that marketing and advertising remain relevant to the changing demands for the digital and tech-savvy consumers, one needs to ensure that one is well-versed with all…

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Why Political Campaign Managers Must Consider In-House Programmatic

Political candidates have always splurged in their campaigns and promotion. With the technology advancing rapidly, and the potential voters shifting to digital platforms, which bring in digital advertising has become imperative. One of the greatest benefits of digital advertising is its ability to leverage data in order to make better-informed decisions. One such wonderful technology…

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Decoding Programmatic Buying Techniques

If you are in the digital advertising space then you have probably heard the term “programmatic advertising”. If not, you might still be wondering what exactly is programmatic advertising? While that’s covered in our previous blog post here, this one is dedicated to introducing you to the different types of programmatic buying - Programmatic Direct,…

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How To Create More Viewable Ads

A lot can happen between fetching an ad and actually displaying it to the intended audience. Even after the ad impression is served, factors like ad size, browser window size or various other site elements can affect the visibility of the ad. The viewers may scroll through the ad without actually paying much attention. Add…

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