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Here’s How Vertoz’s Innovation Helped Cadbury Standout, This Rakshabandhan

In today’s attention economy, every advertiser vies for its customers’ attention. With digital becoming the way of life for customers, digital ads have become the new normal for advertisers trying to woo their prospects. At Vertoz, we aim to help advertisers reach their prospects, digitally. We believe in accomplishing this by driving innovation through our campaigns.

With this approach in mind, this Rakshabandhan week, we ran a highly innovative campaign for Cadbury on the Ola In-cab inventory. The aim was to increase brand awareness and create a strong brand recall for Cadbury enabling it to leverage the Rakshabandhan sentiments. Considering the digital advertising space is highly cluttered, customers are overexposed to ads. As a result, brands are facing problems like banner blindness and ad fatigue. To overcome these hurdles and help the brand achieve its campaign goals, we came up with an interesting way to convey Cadbury’s brand message.

The campaign used the technology of text-to-speech conversion. It read the passengers’ names (text) and converted it to audio. It then strung it together with Cadbury’s brand message to give it a personalized touch. As soon as the passengers boarded the cab, they were welcomed with this personalized brand message. This innovative approach created the required brand impact, accomplishing its objective of increasing brand awareness and creating strong brand recall.

If you would like to run such innovative campaigns with us and uplift the brand experience for your customers, then you can check out more details on our services right here.

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