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How Vertoz’s Innovative Ad Campaign Helped Cadbury Drive More Results


Digital advertising has become omnipresent in today’s digital age. However, with the audience getting bombarded with hundreds and thousands of ads each day, their effectiveness tends to attenuate. To make things trickier, brands only have a few seconds to grab their customers’ attention and make a lasting impression. As every advertiser aims to impact the customers at the time of purchase by creating a strong brand recall, a big question that arises is how to effectively leverage the power of digital advertising to accomplish this goal?

We, at Vertoz, firmly believe that creativity and innovation are the answer to this question. The more creative and innovative the ad campaigns get, the better is the brand awareness and brand recall, which in turn reflect positively on the sales numbers. A study by Harvard Business Review seconds our philosophy. According to the study, a euro invested in a highly creative ad campaign had nearly double the sales impact of a euro spent on a noncreative campaign.

In this endeavor, we have been working with brands to help them effectively reach out to their prospects – digitally. We recently ran an innovative text-to-speech campaign for Cadbury on the Ola In-cab inventory. In this campaign, using the text-to-speech technology, we delivered a personalized audio message to the passengers, addressing them with their names, followed by Cadbury Fuse’s brand message. This personalized audio message helped Cadbury to instantly grab the passengers’ attention. This created a lasting brand recall in the minds of the passengers, helping Cadbury to rise above all the advertising “noise”, and drive results.

Think you too can leverage our services to improve the effectiveness of your digital campaigns? You can check out more information on the same right here.