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Why Brands Are Opting For Programmatic Advertising This World Cup

Digital advertising is gradually taking precedence over traditional advertising. This has been conspicuously observed during this World Cup as many big-name brands have opted for programmatic advertising – an automated system for buying and selling digital ads on the web.

In a recent interview with Moneycontrol, Ashish Shah, Founder and CEO, Vertoz, says that with cricket fans, one has a bigger audience and programmatic advertising enables one to target this audience. Explaining how this works, he cited an example of a cricket fan who watches the matches online or listens to commentaries on-the-go during his commute. If an advertiser wishes to target this user, programmatic advertising provides the perfect way ahead. Programmatic Advertising enables advertisers to identify these users through their changing internet protocols (IPs) during the travel. Advertisers can then target these specific set of audience from the deluge of viewers that flock the digital platforms to view the content, thereby reaching them in an effective way. Thanks to such unique and precise targeting capabilities, brands are gradually allocating a significant chunk of their ad budgets to programmatic advertising.

He further says that programmatic advertising is also opening the door for more and more brands. Each brand desires to get the sponsorship opportunity during the World Cup. However, the opportunities are limited and thus, only the advertisers with deep pockets can bag them. Programmatic advertising offers entry for the smaller advertisers as well. small advertisers can get certain exposure by reaching out to the cricket fans on platforms like Cricbuzz and Cricinfo. They can get brand visibility and can be associated with cricket fans.

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