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How Programmatic Advertising helps reach the right TG during World Cup 2019

Programmatic Advertising

Indians love cricket. An event like the World Cup attracts a lot of attention from Indian audiences. The World Cup presents a golden opportunity for every advertiser to reach the masses. Naturally, no brand would want to miss out on this amazing branding opportunity. So advertisers need to make sure that they reach out to their customers on the platforms where they are present.

Traditionally, the audiences frequented mediums like Television and Radio. However, with the new technological advances, this has changed. As the digitization wave has taken over, people have started viewing the matches and the score updates on-the-go. Thanks to the rise of digital mediums like video streaming platforms, OTTs, and cricket portals, that facilitate this, digital mediums are increasingly gaining popularity amongst the viewers.

India’s increasing internet and mobile penetration have played a major role in furthering this trend. This change has been observed even across the tier II and III cities. As a result, there is a steady rise in viewing times and traffic on sports inventories. Thus, these digital platforms present the perfect way for brands to accomplish their advertising and branding goals.
But it is important for advertisers to understand that these platforms attract audiences from every type of audience segment. Thus, brands will have to figure out a way to accurately reach the audience segments that matter to them and leave out the irrelevant ones. Programmatic advertising is the perfect way for brands to address this conundrum.

Using data, it helps advertisers to reach their right TGs. It uses advanced data-crunching capabilities of Data Management Platforms (DMPs) in order to analyze and process the data about the audiences. DMPs can be used to target the cricket fans – in India and abroad. Programmatic advertising provides a wide variety of unique and precise targeting options.

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