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Vertoz Certified as a Great Place to Work

Mumbai, 22nd December 2023 – Vertoz , a leading digital advertising and technology company, is thrilled to announce its recent certification as a Great Place to Work . This prestigious recognition reflects Vertoz's unwavering commitment to fostering a positive work culture, prioritizing employee well-being, and promoting a collaborative and inclusive environment. Vertoz has consistently demonstrated…

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Vertoz Unveils Sweet Success with Influencer Marketing Campaign for Bolas Dry Fruits and Sweets

Mumbai, 19th December 2023 – Vertoz , a leading digital advertising and technology company, recently celebrated a sweet collaboration with 50 key influencers for an enchanting Diwali campaign in partnership with Bolas  Dry fruits and Sweets. Vertoz ,  known for its innovative marketing approaches, joined hands with 50 influential personalities across various domains to spread the joy of Diwali…

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Harnessing Vertoz’s Large-Scale Ad Exchange for Enhanced Advertising

Empowering advertisers with a strategic edge in the dynamic realm of digital marketing, Vertoz's Large-Scale Ad Exchange stands as a cornerstone of innovation and efficiency. This powerful platform opens up a wealth of opportunities to connect with diverse audiences, offering precise targeting and an extensive inventory. With advanced programmatic capabilities, Vertoz enables advertisers to deliver…

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Revolutionizing The Digital Landscape: A Closer Look at Vertoz (NSEI: VERTOZ)

Introduction: In today's digitally-driven world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to reach their target audience effectively. Enter Vertoz (NSEI: VERTOZ), which has carved a niche in the digital landscape. Offering a wide spectrum of services, We cater to a diverse clientele including Businesses, Digital Marketers, Advertising Agencies, Digital Publishers, Cloud Providers, and Technology companies. Let's…

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What Role Does AI & Other Emerging Tech Play In The Future Of Programmatic Advertising?

In the dynamic landscape of media consumption and digital transactions, a shift towards connected devices like smart TVs, smartphones, and virtual reality has reshaped how people engage with content. As this transformation continues, digital platforms have emerged as the primary arenas for content consumption. This evolution underscores the importance for brands and marketers to connect…

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Industry Update: Generative AI, Google Cloud, and GrowthLoop Join Forces

In the fast-evolving realm of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. Recently, at the Google Cloud Next event, a groundbreaking alliance emerged, promising to reshape the way marketers operate. Typeface, a trailblazing generative AI app provider, unveiled an integrated marketing solution in collaboration with GrowthLoop and…

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The Art of Balancing User Experience and Video Monetization for Publishers

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, publishers are increasingly turning to video monetization to tap into the vast potential of online audiences. With the surge in video consumption, publishers are presented with an opportunity to engage viewers and generate revenue simultaneously. However, it is essential to strike a delicate balance between maximizing ad revenue and ensuring…

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