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Video advertising beyond YouTube and Facebook!



Since 2015, consumption of video content has increased 10 folds. In 2017, people are consuming most data for online videos, online news, live streaming of shows & events, etc. Advertisers are leveraging this change in users’ behavior to increase brand awareness and brand engagement. eMarketer is forecasting that online video advertising will reach $12.5 billion in the U.S alone in 2017. But advertisers know only a few video advertising platforms and they are missing on the opportunity to connect with larger audience segment in the digital space.

What is video advertising?

What is video advertising

Broadly, online video advertising means a form of a digital advertisement which consists of a video content. Generally, it is also considered but not restricted to video advertisements appearing before, during or after an online video stream.

Video ad placements

where to place video ads

    • Linear video ads: Video ads appear before, in-between, or after a video content.
    • Non-linear video ads: These ads appear simultaneously with the video. These can be banner ads or rich media ads that appear alongside the video content but it will not disturb the video content.
    • Companion ads: Commonly text, display ads, rich media, or skins that wrap around the video player.
    • Innovative ads formats – These are engaging display ads having a facility to show video ads. Vertoz’s popular engaging and innovative ads formats support video advertising. Example- Interactive footer, Timed overlay, Two part ads and Interstitial ads


Video ad types available for advertisers


    • In-stream video ads: in-stream video adsPre-roll, mid-roll & post-Roll ads which play before, in-between or after a video content.


    • Out-stream video ads:Out-stream video adsThese video ads appear on a web page or in an app between the text content. These ads don’t need any content video of the publisher to appear along with, unlike in-stream video ads


    • In-page Video ads:In page video adsThese video ads are placed in-between the content of a web page.


    • In-app video ads:In app video adsThese video ads appear in a mobile app. Gaming apps are very popular for displaying in-app video ads.


    • Companion ads:Companion adsCompanion ads appear around the main video content. commonly text, display ads, rich media, or skins that wrap around the video player.


  • Innovative ad formats:innovative ad formats Engagement adsFollowing are some of the popular engaging and innovative ad formats for showing video ads on websites, mobile web, and mobile apps:
    • Interactive Footer
    • Timed Overlay
    • Two Part ads
    • Interstitial

    Video Advertising beyond YouTube and Facebook

    Video Advertising beyond YouTube and Facebook

    More than 24% of online video advertising market is owned by YouTube. After understanding the customers’ appetite for video content, Facebook had started focusing on video content & advertising platform. In 2014 Facebook acquired LiveRail for $400 Million. LiveRail is a video advertising distributor that uses RTB to distribute video ads.

    Excluding these giants, there are many other players serving in-stream and other types of video ads. Google’s network is feeling the heat from Yahoo, AOL, and others.

    The basic requirement for serving video ads is, the publishers should have a video player where they can show the video content & video ads, and it must be compatible with VAST/VPAID/VMAP. Advertisers likewise can plan for out-stream video ads, overlay ads and other video ad formats to reach the maximum audience.

    Video ads should be precisely targeted and customers/viewers should not feel disturbed because of the ads. An intrusive ad is never appreciated by viewers. Advertisers can consider following factors for targeting the right audience.

      • Visitor’s Profile: Demographic, online history


      • Website’s Content: Video ad content should have the similar theme as the website. Like, sports drink video campaign on sports related websites.


    • The content of the video: If it is an in-stream video ad, then having the ad placed on a video from a similar vertical will help in increasing the engagement rate.

    There are millions of publishers having video ad supportive websites and apps. Connecting to these publishers individually one at a time and tracking the campaigns’ progress separately for each will be a herculean task for any advertiser. Advertisers can contact Vertoz and our ingenious video advertising platform will help advertisers to promote their video content on different websites, apps and within videos, and will get granular reports at one place. Vertoz provides all video advertising solutions under one roof.