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Vertoz Launches Native Advertising Solutions for Regional Advertising

 Native Advertising Solutions

Today, ad blindness and ad fatigue have become common problems for advertisers. Programmatic native advertising is said to be the best way to combat these. Keeping in mind these needs of the industry, we recently launched our Native Advertising solutions especially focused on regional traffic. With this platform, we offer brands premium native advertising solutions across a variety of informative blogs and regional news publishers in 10+ Indian languages.

Native advertising allows brands to showcase themselves in tandem with the content of the platform they are advertising on. It is a non-intrusive way of showing ads that blend in with the content seamlessly as per the webpage’s/app’s overall look & feel. This way the users are not interrupted while they are surfing the internet. This enables brands to provide better brand experience to their customers.

Native advertising is advantageous to the users, advertisers as well as publishers. These ads offer users better browsing experience, deliver higher performance to advertisers and allow publishers greater control over the appearance of their apps/websites.

The USP of this native platform is its focus on the uncharted markets of regional languages. We will now be able to cater to rural and semi-urban audiences, which constitute a major chunk of the Indian user base.

Vertoz’s publisher-centric arm – PubNX will complement this platform. It will work with the regional publishers, connecting them to Vertoz’s pool of premium advertisers.

For more details on this platform, click below link.

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