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Programmatic Advertising: Embodying the True Spirit of Industry 4.0

Programmatic Advertising

With the invention of the steam engine and waterpower began the great Industrial Revolution. It gave an impetus to mankind’s technological advances. It was followed by Industry 2.0 which brought in assembly line and electricity and Industry 3.0 that gave us computers. Today, we are living in the age of Industry 4.0, which is all about automation and leveraging data as a priceless asset.

This trend is seen across multiple sectors and the advertising sector is no bar. The technique of programmatic advertising has brought in the concept of automation into the digital advertising industry. As automation lies at the core of programmatic advertising, it is perfectly in line with the essence of Industry 4.0. Programmatic advertising automates the entire traditional media buying and selling process thereby eliminating human errors and increasing the efficiency. It’s USP is its precise and unique targeting capabilities.

Programmatic advertising uses advanced and cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) to help advertisers mine through the humungous volumes of data that is available today. For this it leverages the complex data-crunching capabilities of Data Management Platforms (DMPs). DMPs process, analyze and structure the data and help advertisers to unleash the hidden insights and understand their current and potential customers in a better way. It also provides advertisers the ability to offer their customers a highly personalized experience tailor made for their tastes based on their past browsing history, interests and preferences.

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