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How Online Mediums Are Helping To Build Brand Awareness?



In today’s free market economy, brands are competing with each other to dominate the market. It is done either by playing around with costs or improving the quality of their products. As competition is cut throat, in order to still remain in the market, brands need to take extra efforts to keep their potential customers interested. This is where brand awareness comes into play. To reach this pinnacle of brand awareness you need sheer goodwill, best search engine marketing (SEM) strategies and social media marketing.

So, what is online advertising? How does it generate brand awareness?

You must be thinking how can brand awareness and online mediums or online advertising goes hand in hand? Online advertising is a form of marketing and advertising where usage of the Internet is done to deliver promotional marketing posts and messages to potential customers.

Key components in online advertising:

Like other advertising media, online advertising often comprises of both, a publisher and an advertiser. A publisher assimilates advertisements into its online content, and an advertiser, delivers the advertisements to be displayed on the publisher’s content.

Three main pivots of online advertising:

  1. Branding: It is a process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the customers’ psyche, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. It aims to establish a significant yet distinguished presence in the market that entices and retains loyal customers.
  2. Lead generation: This the process of collecting information about qualified projections for generating orders. Successful online lead generation is combined with a strong process to maximize conversion to lead. Analytics make this process more effective via testing different messages and offers to increase conversion rates to lead.
  3. Customer connect: All auctions start with a mere conversation. It may be a conversation between you and your potential client or customer, between one of your clients and a potential referral, etc. An effective customer connect is based on turning these simple conversations into relationships of trust with the potential clients over time.

If you want to reach a gamut of people who can be your potential customer, then you need to create an awareness of your existence in the digital world through online advertising.

What are the various weapons of online medium you can use for brand awareness?

  1. Social media:
    It has the most impending way to help you to promote your business and escalate your brand exposure. However, the best part is that most of these powerful social media tools are free to use. They give you the same opportunity and breakthroughs as the corporate giants will do to promote your brand. You must be thinking what’s so great about using social media tools as brand awareness kit, right? Social media can reach and engage with millions of people, under one roof.

      Before you jump into some conclusion, consider these statistics:

    • • Facebook has over 500 million users.
    • • There are over 200 million accounts on Twitter.
    • • Linked in has around 100 million users.
  2. Blogging: It is the buzzword that you often hear about. Nowadays, it has become the most influential and powerful inbound marketing tool to raise awareness for your brand. Blogging is a wide platform for you to establish yourself as an expert and a supreme leader in your field.
    You could blog about subjects and matters related to the industry. You could share useful and instructive content with your target audience. Once they come to your site, they may comment on your posts, giving you the opportunity to further engagement and interaction.
  3. Online Video: With the rise in popularity of online video sites, it should be an essential component included in your marketing strategies. Online video helps you to create exposure for your brand and your business. With online videos, you provide your audience or potential customer with an alternative and fun medium for consumption of your content.In today’s generation, many people prefer to watch videos over reading. If your videos are entertaining and creative, more and more people will watch it and would want to know more about your business.

Traditional Offline Advertising Vs Online Advertising:

The marketing world continues to shift online as online advertising continues to become more imperative within big business’s marketing strategies.

However, traditional advertising methods such as television and print advertisement have proven time and time again that they still have the potential within marketing and strong hold over online advertising.

Yet, this shift in strategy suggests that online advertising is quickly gaining popularity and most suitable way for businesses to publicize their products and creating brand awareness.

Titbits about paid advertising:

Paid advertising is one of the three conduits of marketing, along with earned advertising and owned advertising. Paid advertising is a great way to engage more traffic to your site and increase business. To gain more video view and page visits a marketer can pay more to have their ads featured on more known websites to escalate site traffic.

With paid advertising, an individual pays a certain amount to the owner of ad space in exchange for use of that space. There are several sets of paid advertising, including Pay-Per-Impression (PPI), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and banner/display ads. Display or Banner ads instantly come to mind when you think about online advertising because they stand out so prominently on the page. Paid advertising can be effective, however, they tend to target customers who are not actively looking for something new. Display ads and videos can be successful, but they need to be used properly. At Vertoz, we assist you with best videos, banner and display ads campaigns to generate the right brand awareness for your brand. Click here for more information.