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In-depth: Why in-house programmatic advertising is still a jargon for Indian brands

in-house programmatic
India is still a nascent market for programmatic advertising. As the digital skillset improves, brands are taking it in-house. Ashish Shah (Founder and CEO, Vertoz), Along with other industry experts, shares his views upon this latest trend and explains how brands can make the most out of this technology with the help of programmatic agencies, instead of taking it in-house.

Ashish says that brands rather prefer to go for “managed” platforms, as they can rely on their complete expertise. They have on-board expert talent like data scientists, which are difficult to scout for in-house. This makes it quite easy for brands to have their programmatic campaigns executed.

Today, with data being the new oil, and being available in abundance, it is important to leverage it to the maximum extent. Technologies like big-data facilitate utilization of this data. This technology is specifically designed to handle unstructured and random data. Various industries including from advertising, Internet of Things (IoT), telecom, gaming, surveillance, etc., have been able to successfully using it and are reaping big benefits. The only hurdle is the scarcity of talent. Programmatic agencies can fill this gap and enable brands to leverage this high-intensity technology.

Programmatic tech also enables brands to utilize this data, with the help of Data Management Platforms (DMPs), which are an essential and integral component of the programmatic ecosystem. They provide audience data. This enables brands to analyse the data and understand the audience better.

He further says that it is necessary for brands to distribute their ad spends amongst various Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). This will bring in more variety and make their strategy more robust as they will be able to reach out to the different kinds of audience sets that each of these DSPs have to offer. This trend is observed in the USA, and is catching up fast in the Indian context as well.

Programmatic advertising is the future of digital advertising. It is transforming digital advertising from a vanilla advertising medium to an advanced goal-oriented advertising medium. Western countries have already shifted a mjor part of the advertising budgets towards programmatic advertising, owing to its unique benefits. More than 80% of the display ads are already traded programmatically in USA.

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