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First Impressions Matter – Programmatic Advertising Makes Them Count with DCO & CMP

We have all hear the age-old adage “First impression is the last impression”. In today’s attention economy, making this first impression has assumed paramount importance for brands and marketers across the globe as this impression makes or breaks the impact of their ads. The big question is – how to make that impression impactful?

The key lies in finding the right mix of the precise targeting strategies and delivering an impactful ad creative. Combining a powerful creative with techniques like targeted delivery, programmatic bidding, helps to offer personalized customer experiences, which offer greater relevance, and more meaning. This goes a long way in creating a lasting brand recall and helps improve the sales.

Personalization makes a world of difference as it opens ways for customers to connect with the brand in a better way. Personalization creates greater relevance, adds more meaning and consequently, makes way for a better conversion rate and reduced cost of sale.

Programmatic Advertising provides an excellent way to accomplish this through a technique called Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). Dynamic Creative Optimization is extensively used for targeting and retargeting purposes. It allows advertisers to deliver extremely personalized ad creatives to their prospective customers. These creatives are designed and optimized as per the users’ run-time preferences, affinity, likes and dislikes, browsing history, location, device, time, etc.

Content Management Platforms (CMP) are a great way to implement DCO. CMP is a piece of software which produces and optimizes ad creatives, quickly and automatically and at scale, without much human intervention.
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