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Vertoz Shares Gain In Opening Trade

Vertoz Shares

Vertoz Advertising Ltd celebrated the bell ringing ceremony of getting listed at National Stock Exchange on 24th November 2017. The crowd gathered was pretty overwhelming and a rare sight to witness at the bourse of we being the first programmatic company to be on NSE. The price for the public issue of 15.84 lakh equity shares was fixed at Rs. 108 per share. As per the Stats, Within the first three hours, the stock skyrocketed 21.6
percent trading at Rs. 129.6 after opening at Rs 113.

Post ceremony, Hiren Shah – Founder & Chairman and Ashish Shah, Founder & CEO devoted few minutes to answer few questions for Indian Television. Summarizing their exchange, Ashish Shah shared their reasons for opting the IPO way rather than sticking to private investments along with their upcoming future plans and their views on the state of programmatic advertising in Western world and India.

On being asked if they have any plans on acquisitions Hiren Shah shares, “Yes, but we will be looking at acquiring companies and not getting acquired. We have a subsidiary in the US and other European countries for acquiring digital businesses. We will be using the funds raised from this IPO to acquire those businesses.”

About Indian Television

Indian Television started in 2000 by Media and Television analyst Anil Wanvari, is the first online information and interactive service focusing on the Indian Television and Media business. Its user base has grown over the past fourteen years; making it India’s most widely read online Media, Advertising, Marketing & Satellite Television resource. Apart from conceiving and executing promotional campaigns targeted at the Media, Marketing & Television Trade online, it also offers similar services offline, thus providing clients with a 360 degree media service and marketing solution.

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About Vertoz

Vertoz is the complete advertising and monetization suite. Programmatic advertising comprises of automated media buying, placement, and optimization of digital advertising, where both supply and demand partners are free from human intervention. Vertoz is among the top programmatic company that offers engaging and innovative advertising and monetizing solutions. Amongst all the top ad tech companies, we empower a global roster of top advertisers and publishers- all under one roof. We offer one-stop-shop for you! We only talk about programmatic advertising technology and we cater out finest ad buying system.

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