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Top Advertise and Marketing technology predictions for 2016!


Digital advertising and marketing evolves at a higher rate compared to any other industry. Over the past few years, we have seen radical changes in everything from website design to online advertising. Marketing and advertising experts say the year 2016, will be defined by the increased use of ad blockers, additional third-party data sharing, new metrics, and demand for native advertising. What digital marketing trends should you be watching out in the year 2016? Keep reading to find out…

SEO will be an enduring factor and will shift to content marketing:
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is growing at a fast rate. Earlier content marketing was regarded as a shady, manipulative practice which is now evolving into a much bigger picture. The reason behind it is the search engine algorithms which are becoming more advanced. They are continuously able to filter what content is trying to malware the system and what is genuinely useful for the online end user.

Design and speed will be an inevitability element in 2016:
The websites that rank high are not those who not only provide the best content but also the most effective and efficient user-friendly browser. This scenario means that the way the website is designed and how quickly it loads plays a crucial factor in whether the visitor converts into a lead. That is why old sites are getting redesigned in the year 2016! The redefined content will be visually attractive, useful, and quick to load on the end user’s screen.

There will be an Ad blockers threats to the online organizations:
Ad blockers signify an unwavering effort on the part of web surfers to avoid irrelevant, overreaching and annoying ads that flood the end users screens while browsing. Many modern companies, organizations and publishers helplessly watch these ad blockers getting popular. However, those online ads often fund the content which that particular web surfer want to view, and supposedly it’s a bad news for many online organizations. This ad blocking situation is expected to worsen for advertisers in the year 2016, as more and more web users will be aware of it and will select the system-level ad blocking functionality.

These three trends aren’t the sole ones that will emerge over the course of the next year, but they will be some of the most significant. There is no assurance exactly when or how these trends will be evident, but the earlier you start, the more time you will have to adjust and acquire the full benefits of your future campaign.