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Protecting Your Brand Identity with Programmatic Advertising


Technology is growing rapidly. The internet is a home to different kinds of content – educational, entertaining, inspiring, etc. With brand safety issues making the headlines, it is important to ensure that your advertising appears only besides that content which is credible and right for your brand. Therefore, it is a necessity to take measures to stay secure and protect your brand. Many ads have been appearing on fake news sites or possibly fake content and this is the reason advertisers are facing a new challenge in the area of automated media buying and selling. With a few simple steps listed below, it is possible to have both – scale and protection.


Demand Transparency

In the past, it was difficult for advertisers to know where their ads would run as they had limited control over the [glossary_exclude]publisher’s[/glossary_exclude] inventory. This was the reason why many advertisers had fallen prey to fake publishing websites. However, with the introduction of Real-Time Bidding (RTB) enabled programmatic advertising, this issue has been resolved to a great extent. Advertisers can now demand information on where exactly their ads are being displayed. Publisher networks may endorse premium publishers within their portfolio and speak of their huge inventory and reach, but you as an advertiser have a complete every right to ask and a right to know.


Agency Relationship

Advertisers are increasingly moving towards Digital Advertising, and it is turning to be a core marketing activity for many new-age brands. However, agencies continue to play a crucial role in the larger functioning of marketing activities. Hence, it is normal for brands to have a huge dependency on such agencies. In such cases, demanding transparency from agency partners is a must — especially in the light of recent revelations about non-transparent practices.


Check on Filtered Sites
Check on Filtered Sites
All the major ad networks and ad tech companies maintain a list of fraudulent sites such as the sites that have no traffic and want to get revenues without any engagements. Apart from this list, they also maintain a list of verified and trusted publishers. Advertisers can demand access to these lists in order to ensure that the fraudulent publishers are on the block list while running the campaigns.


Using Humans In Addition To Technology
Using Humans In Addition
Technology is a great way of identifying potentially unsafe ad placements that could be harmful to advertisers. However, this may not be enough. Having real people to evaluate content and potential placements of ads can be a plus point. It also adds an extra layer of protection and security for advertisers to rely on.


Partner Up
Partner Up
Third-party tools can provide additional confidence when it comes to the topic of [glossary_exclude]brand safety[/glossary_exclude]. Brands cannot be sure if they are running their advertisements on a safe site. For example, if brands want to avoid controversial articles on a premium site, they can use [glossary_exclude]brand safety[/glossary_exclude] scores available from vendors to make an informed decision. They can also check the exact position and the time it was placed.


Advertisers must take an active role in managing their own supply chain. This will not only protect the brand’s goodwill but will also improve and cleanse the entire industry supply chain. Allocating budgets to honest publishers and diverting funds from fake sites will ensure a better digital ecosystem. This little work can benefit in the long run and ensure the safety that you desire for your brand.

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