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Programmatic grew by leaps and bounds in 2018: Ashish Shah

2018 has been full of up and downs for the programmatic advertising industry. From an increase in programmatic penetration across the globe to discussions around General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the year has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride for the programmatic advertising industry. In a recent interaction with Adgully, Vertoz’s Founder & CEO, Ashish Shah, sums up the happenings of the year in a nutshell. Here are a few excerpts.

GDPR made way for a more lawful data collection, by transferring the control of data back to the users. It has increased the level of transparency in the adtech industry, which has been a major concern globally. India, too, is close on the heels of introducing laws for regularizing the collection, storage and analysis of the data.

More and more Indians are getting online. In India alone, there are approximately 481 million internet users, with the numbers only increasing with each passing day. It is important for brands to find a way to reach the right users in such a cluttered online space. For this, techniques like programmatic advertising are the perfect solution.

The availability of affordable high-speed internet connections and the increasing mobile penetration has caused a shift in the data consumption patterns, with users preferring video-based content over text-based content. Consequently, video sharing apps and OTTs have gained users’, and thus, advertisers’ attention.

Ashish further talks about how brands are now embracing the emerging and cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) and exploring platforms like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR). These will help brands to increase their customer engagement and achieve their advertising goals in a better way.

Also, as the coming year will witness some noteworthy events like the General Elections and the Cricket World Cup, the advertising demand is expected to increase in 2019. Techniques like programmatic advertising are the go-to solutions for brands to make the most out of these opportunities and reach the right voters/viewers.

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