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Paradigm of mobile media advertising!



The mobile media advertising is an unobtrusive two-way communication which got a viral response from the media industry, cellphone makers, advertisers, and operators. Ultimately, mobile media advertising became a new media portal, popularly known as the 7th mass media network by several media and mobile experts. However, this two-way media is a new territory found for the media industry and advertisers, who are keen to measure up the market reaction immediately.

Moreover, the option of fast delivery of the messages and presence of advanced technology make it ideal for time and location involving advertising, such as customer loyalty offers, mobile ads, SMS promotions of events, etc. To influence this strength of mobile advertising, tools like timely SMS, WhatsApp and bulk email, online ads can be sent out.

Mobile media advertising has begun to draw more noteworthy attention from media tycoons and advertising giants since the mid-2000s. This is based on a vision that mobile media was to change the way advertisements were made and presented earlier, and that mobile devices can form a new media entity. As mobile is an interactive mass media portal similar to the internet, advertisers are keen to exploit and make use of viral marketing methods, by which one receiver of an advertisement on mobile, will forward that to someone else. This allows the end users to become an integral part of the advertising experience.

A mere mobile ad or a video with viral abilities can become powerful interactive and engaging campaigns for a company or an organization. An alpha user is the key element of mobile marketing campaigns, he or she is the most influential member of any target audience or community. Campaigners have raised the issue related with the security and privacy.

Targeted mobile marketing advertisement involves customization of ad content to reach concerned and appropriate customers. To customize such behavioral personal data, data mining, user profiling and other private information are involved. Campaigners warn that this may cause a privacy infringement or a serious security breach. But with the evolution in the mobile media advertising and introduction of new advanced applications and software to safeguard the security break, it is much easier for us to rely on! The secret to the future of mobile media marketing will be the precise charting of you as an individual, your attitudes and behaviors, and the devices you use.