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Native Advertising: The Panacea for Your Advertising Woes

Native Advertising
The digital transformation has changed the way we live in this digital age. The way we watch TV, the way we play games, the way we order food. Businesses are no bar to this. The offerings, the strategies, the marketing campaigns, the way advertising is done – everything is undergoing a reform. This has effected the lives of consumers. As they browse the web through their day, brands are flooding them with nearly 30 billion ads – on a daily basis! This has caused them to gradually become immune to the ads. The CTR today has gone below 0.1%, in a stark contrast to the CTR of the first banner ad by AT&T, which was around 44%.

How did we reach here? The deluge of ads is to be blamed for this. This has caused grave problems like banner blindness and the rise of ad-blockers, which advertisers are having a tough time dealing with. Consumers have now reached a stage where they want to get rid of the ads completely. What’s the solution?

Vertoz’s Founder and CEO, Ashish Shah, in his recent interaction with AdAge India, says it’s definitely Native advertising.

Native ads are quite non-intrusive. They smoothly blend with the website’s content and and merge with its look and feel. Today’s content-focused audience is responding quite well to native advertising, which is generating 52% more views as compared to banner ads.

Native ads have become a hot favorite globally. According to the Native Advertising Institute, native ad spends are estimated to go from $30.9 billion in 2015 to $59.35 billion in 2018. In India, big-name publishers like Indian Express, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, etc. are adopting to native ads.

Everyone is going gaga over native advertising. If you are yet to hop on to the native ads bandwagon, it’s about time you do!

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