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Why monetizing is the new in thing? – Vertoz



In this era of advanced digital marketing making money out of your website is not a myth anymore. In most of the cases, creating a website is not just a mere hobby. A lot of websites on the internet are made for one simple purpose – to generate income. Monetization is the procedure of changing the existing traffic being directed to a specific website into revenue. The most popular means of monetizing a website are by executing pay per click and cost per impression advertising.

Whether you are trying to get affluent or looking for some resources to cover the hosting expenses, then here are some of the ways to do so. Keep in mind that some monetizing strategies are more or less inert while some other techniques require a lot of efforts. Make sure you pick something that can go well with your website.

Four most popular ways to monetize your website:
Selling Ad space is a must: As the title suggests, all you need to do is sell the ad space or the ad area where it is going to be published. You set up a price. For example, banner at the sidebar will cost XXX per month. You as an individual will get paid and the price rate depends on your traffic. If your site gets ton loads of traffic from different sources, the price of the banner ad can go up per month, but if your site doesn’t have much traffic, then don’t expect much.

The pay per click advertising matters: Many famous search engines have their own program specially designed for publishers i.e. bloggers, website owners, plus for the advertisers i.e. business owners, marketers and product owners. You place a code on your website that will start displaying relevant ads to your website. When an individual clicks on the ad, you will receive revenue for those particular clicks. When your site has adequate traffic – you can make a substantial amount of money per month.

The affiliate marketing acts a pivot: Affiliate marketing is a prevalent way to make revenue through your website or blog. You as an individual sell or recommend someone else’s products on your website. When your visitor clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the product, then you will receive the payment. The payment is usually thirty to seventy percent of the product or the service price rates.

Put the donation option out there: Creating a donation button or solely asking for an additional fundraising from your audiences is another way to monetize your website. It’s not an easy step to take through which you can make money, unless you find sponsors who pay a lot. Before you put up your donation button or widgets, make sure that your audience will see why you need those donations. It is important! Once you get good sponsors you can use them for monetizing your existing asset collection.

Once your website is getting the good amount of response per month, then you can offer sponsored posts and articles on it. There are a lot of advertisers who would be fascinated in writing posts for your website.