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Mobile Marketing is Already Reaping a Positive Outcome



Over the past couple of years, mobile marketing has appeared as the game-changer for businesses and customers around the world. Mobile marketing is emerging and it will evolve as the dominant form of marketing in the very near future. In fact, e-Marketer expects mobile advertising spend to overtake total television ad spend as soon as the year 2020. In the year 2016, India became the second highest internet using country, more than 4 million users are there with 34.8% penetration rate.

Mobiles are the most popular devices used to surf the internet.

Popular devices
Marketers are moving to mobile devices because that is where the customers are now. Today, more than a third of mobile and tablet users initiate and complete purchases on their mobile devices. In India, 80% of internet users own a smartphone. One of the main reason for this is the improvement in tracking mobile audiences that have resulted in better geo-targeted and geo-fenced ads. Another motive is that the mobile browsing experience has improved considerably. Mobile-friendly websites, better Internet service and faster, larger smartphones have contributed to a more satisfying buying experience.

Why is mobile marketing the game changer?

Mobile Marketing
The only prime factor that makes mobile marketing a certified game changer is location-based marketing, i.e. it is very accurate when it comes to targeting and retargeting. This includes search, push notifications and email alerts. Mobile internet searches are often local in nature. At present, the mobile ad spends for search-based ads is more than 66% now.
By the year 2018 more than 10% of usage will be directed towards location-enabled ads. Features that improve the mobile shopping experience include click-to-call, near field communication (NFC), mobile apps, GPS, and refined shopping cart processes. In mobile marketing, marketers get the benefit of timely messages, the right context, etc. The personal nature of mobile engagement and marketers have the most powerful marketing medium in history.

Emerging new facet of mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing
The continuous shift of Internet users to mobile devices has forced social media networks to adapt to the change. All the search and social media apps are accounted to be used more by the users whenever they are online on the mobile. Advertising on mobile devices has evolved quickly to include all rich media and video ads, as well. This is encouraging businesses to assimilate mobile into their overall marketing strategy. Mobile marketing strategies continue to grow more robust and attract a larger chunk of the marketing budget. It will continue to grow for the probable future.

Numerous channels, various devices, one customer:

Many Chanels but one customer
Customers are increasingly using multiple devices to remain connected. Furthermore, customers continue to manage in the offline world with a variety of different identities and across multiple different channels, i.e. various store loyalty cards at different retailers. As marketers gradually getting comfortable managing Big Data and vendors create systems that can target it, they both need more information. It is necessary to put down marketing efforts to the individual, there is a need to have a reliable, amalgamated view of the customer across all those devices and to be able to track all their actions across all channels, both online and offline.


Mobile Marketing
In the recent studies states that 53 % of customers feel it is imperative for retailers to recognize them as the same person across all channels and devices. However, as many as 69 % of companies say they do not have adequate data alignment within their companies. Expect that to change in the year 2017. Finally, local and small businesses across industries have reported a hike in business after running mobile marketing campaigns. Mobile marketing is changing the marketing landscape and businesses that are keeping pace with the variations are reaping the benefits. The one thing we can say that the year 2017 is not going to be more of the same, many new and unforeseen surprises are on the way. Here’s to finding out what they are.