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Latest trends in Video Advertising – Vertoz

Video Advertising trends

In an evolutionary digital advertising industry, marketers who don’t have valuable understanding on mobile video advertising, native advertising and customer behavior analysis will be left in the dark. The online video industry is moving rapidly. For dealers and publishers alike, the latest trends in video advertising is creating a wonderful prospect to buzz off the boundaries of everyday execution. There is a serious need for good quality ads, total user engagement videos, and best rate of ROI.

With the booming technology and constant variations in the digital world, advertisers must update themselves about what’s hot and what’s not. Customers are bored with the traditional marketing methods. So as the old tactics are becoming more and more outdated, how should online advertising policies be augmented? The answer about the latest trends is ‘less attention on mass-marketing and more on targeted marketing’.

Why do you want to destroy impressions on internet users that don‘t exemplify your target audience? It is better you discover your own audience based on customer behavior. Appropriate categories, enabling advertisers to deliver their messages to the right audience. Vertoz builds unique custom models for your campaign based on the behaviors. We act as a platform and work out a campaign that meets the needs of a personalized audience and make the difference between a failed campaign and a money pouring video.

Mobile video ingesting is on a rise. But while the number of videos created is impressive, those videos require an active participation. It means, when someone is accessible to a video, advertisers have a unique opportunity in front of them. People look at wide screens and get engaged in a good way that they simply don’t do with a magazine, billboard, or flyer. The rise in video advertising is due to the fast evolving internet coverage, bigger screens and the general popularity of personal devices. The rate of accessibility is very high in video advertising.

The current customer living in the digital generation is quite fussy about spending their time, what content to consume, and more demanding about the user experiences. Native advertising naturally comes in the form of a long blog post, infographic or video that aims to entertain and inform without overtly trading anything. It is direct and very informative in nature.

These new digital programs also provide opportunities for companies who are involved in the ad networks to deliver premium ad content meant for the websites. Video advertising and programming are upgrading day by day. Four out of five advertising executives and marketers said that they expect original digital video programming to be as important as the television programming within the next two to three years.