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Vertoz CTO: In conversation with Santosh Deodhar



What’s your role at Vertoz?
I am the CTO at Vertoz.

Why would you say Vertoz is different than other online advertising companies?
Vertoz has a comprehensive range rather gamut of products for online advertising. Plus the best feature of this company is to pay more attention to all the little details which enhance the level of communication among the customers and the clients, which very few companies have.

How do you personally keep up to date on the latest?
There is a famous saying “The more you read the more things you will know, the more you learn the more places you will go”. My daily regime for all research work lies within books, blogs, websites and newspapers.

How much technology do you buy than build?
All products of Vertoz are endemic in nature and all of them comes under the tag of “indigenously built”. Many segments of these products depend on free and open source developments.

Describe Vertoz in 3 sentences.
Endurance on the path of innovation and sustainability in this evolving market describes Vertoz. The brilliant teamwork result is the best outcome of all tremendously talented teammates. This company gives out space to breathe and hence ideas are churning out from each individual. Effective communication and utmost support towards our partners is the key dictum of this company.

What are the main technical challenges your platform is facing?
According to my insight the whole world is peeping through the internet. The level of communication is just a click away. The online advertising industry is budding out and maturing at a fast pace. Hence, Vertoz needs to be super agile keeping in mind the evolving factors and create best quality products for our partners.

What do you look for in developers when you’re looking to expand the team?
In my opinion that particular individual should possess the “achievers” quality. High spirited and self-driven by nature. I would like to give a situation to see the problem-solving skills of that particular candidate. Exceptional engineering skills and an urge to learn new things, mainly a seeker.

Are there any problems facing this industry that keeps you up at night?
If you were to grow or start something new, countless obstacles are bound to come your way. If I were to jot it down, it would be, the introduction of newer connected devices or implements which unlocks the new boulevards for the advertising market. Endeavouring in making such advertising relevant, non-intrusive in nature and effective is a greater challenge.

Your favorite quote, if any.
You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward …
– Steve Jobs