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History of our Online Ad Network industry!

History of Online Ad Network Ad-network-industry

It’s becoming more and more challenging for marketers to connect with real people at a larger scale. The current generation wants best of both worlds. They want to shop various items but from home. Young people want to study in foreign universities but through online programs. Dealers want to start their business but on a social media platform. Hike in the internet usage pushed the advertising sector towards a new dawn- The online ad network industry. The concept was first coined on May 3rd in the year 1978 when the first ever spam email was sent to irritate email owners. The birth of banner ads and CPM was in the year 1993. It was the first commercial website to sell a clickable ad i.e. banner ads and it was sold to the law firm Heller Ehrman White and McAuliffe.

So to begin with- What is an ad network industry? An advertising network or ad network is an online company that connects or creates a nexus between advertisers to the website that want to host advertisements. The prime objective of an ad network company is to aggregate an ad space supply from the publishers and tuning it with the advertiser’s demand. It is an online space given to the publisher and for advertisers to sell their product. An online ad network uses a central ad server to deliver advertisements to the customers. It comprises of targeting, algorithms, tracking and reporting of impressions on a website.

Ad Network was originally structured to assemble a number of publishers together in order to provide advertisers with low rate ads that could reach the mass within a short span of time. This was done to increase the ROI aggressively. Actually they were created for direct response to the advertisers who were trying to sell their product. When it started generating revenue in return this practice started to catch up with publishers. Many agencies found out it to be cheaper and the quality was similar, therefore, they started including brand advertising too.

Advertising is indecisive by nature. It is constantly changing, because it targets the mass i.e. the human population and humans are dynamic. As a publisher, the best thing you can do is to adjust, take a trial and not spread yourself too low in the industry. For advertisers before buying an ad, you as an individual should realize that every small detail like the creative, the ad copy, the targeting of the ad, etc. matters. An ad can bring in a positive ROI for few weeks but may turn into negative aspect also. So you have to be 100% sure. The ad network industry is evolving and to match its pace you have to keep yourself updated.