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Why Should You Promote Your Brand Using Display Advertisement?


Marketing is the essence of every single business. In this digital age, growing sales, as well as revenues, are equivalent to being successful by the usage of existing marketing technologies. There are various ways to get your marketing message across, i.e. never underrate the value of online display advertising. This type trades your product or service through visually appealing text, graphics, animation or video.

Strategic placement of display ads is very crucial. Placing them on sites that are already enjoying wide benefaction of your target market can make the ads appropriate, personalized and timely. All these help in generating a fruitful advertising campaign or escalating the chance of the ads being noticed, clicked and bought by your targets.

Enhanced Digital Ad Space For Branding Large Scale Campaigns

Digital ad space

Online digital ad space has seen persistent growth and is projected to overtake print and traditional ways of promoting brands in future. If you aren’t yet familiar with online advertising, it’s time to do so. With all the rapid variations happening in the digital advertising space, exclusively around the exploding growth of computer-driven programmatic advertising, we definitely need a crash course to get up to speed.

Programmatic advertising is exactly what it sounds like. An automated buying and selling of digital advertising via real-time bidding, i.e. RTB and related databases and management platforms. With an improved digital ad space, all the advertisements can run the full gamut, counting in all the digital display ads, video, native ads, rich media ads or other ad creatives and placements. Placing ads on the sites which are not visited by your target audience is a futile and expensive exercise.

Usage of boundless online display space to be all creative with rich media, create an online presence for you and it helps you to improve an emotional connection with your customer. Through digital ad space make your online customers happy about who you are and what you have to offer.

Myriad Of Targeting Options

Targeting options in display advertisement

Online display advertising creates a unique opportunity for brands and other organizations to emphasize their brand names on their idyllic audiences. Using demographic, interest, geographic, behavioural targeting or intent data, brands can build their ideal viewers and tailor messages to individual segments. Focus and modifying maximize importance and can inflate both recall and engagement. Depending on the size and extent of your ideal audiences or viewers, targeted advertising can still be done on a larger scale.

Targeting can also be set to identify “look-alikes” to know users, to help increase the reach of your efforts for e.g. if my customers like fashion, target other fashion lovers. Targeting can also be precisely set to hit one consumer across each of their multiple devices, to hit them with multiple impressions on each of their devices when such specific device information is known.

People Spend More Time Browsing & Surfing

Why to use display advertisement

Customers are spending ever-increasing amounts of time online. To stay in front of their audiences, brands will have to offer more of their budgets on digital advertising and digital can work for brands. In context, an online display can be a remarkable portal for brand advertising, permitting companies and other organizations to reach the right kind of people and stay in front of them.

Online display advertising is not at all expensive, however, tri-media and use of billboards typically cost more. In fact, digital advertising is steamrolling the playing field for small entrepreneurs with restricted resources. With millions of Internet users, you can reach so many target users within your budget, it is that simple!

All the online advertising campaigns are great tactics that can escalate the visibility of your product and brand. It is an effective way that can help you acclimatize with the demands of the times and to evolve an operative marketing plan and strategy.

Remarketing & Retargeting:

Retargeting with display advertisement

howing your ad to a potential customer just once is not enough to be successful. Repetition acts as a game-changer over here, it is necessary to communicate effectively and convey your brand’s message, build awareness and generate sales. That’s particularly the case with websites, where just two per cent of visitors convert on their first visit. You can build top-of-mind cognizance with those people and deliver additional reasons for them to choose your brand by ensuring to communicate with them after they leave your site.

Online advertisers use small text files or cookies that are given ID tags and used to track customer’s actions or activities. Customer’s knowledge of the interests and choice can take you closer to include the facts of the websites that they usually visit or content that they want to read.

Do you want another chance or opportunity to capture a target market? Your target market may not be converted or considered the first time they see your banner ads; that happens quite often. Display advertising via remarketing is a great way to retell them of your product or service that offers a key to a requirement or problem. Maybe a second visit is crucial to converting them.

Native Ads

Use of native ads

In the new world of digital advertising where all organizations are rushing towards it, phrases such as vendor content, corporate journalism, custom content, brand publishing are everywhere! But where does native advertising blend in?

Native advertising is new, which makes it susceptible to controversy. Native advertising assists companies with the opportunity to logically establish a bond with their customers via content. It is a method of presenting online media without ruining the fine user experience. The ads trail the layout and functionality of a website in which it is placed. Their ads are more than an image and a discount. They are aimed at the heart of the customer’s ethics and lifestyle. In return, companies create a pool of loyal customers who return time and again.

Rich Media or Interactive Ads

Rich media & interactive ads

Rich media ads are not alien species in the digital advertising world today. There are many innovative ways to impress your audience and oblige them to be your loyal brand advocates. We believe great ideas shouldn’t be restricted to the size of the screen. We help in creating impactful ad experiences to the core. Through rich media ads, you can get engaging creative out the door faster and better. It’s everything you need to build and manage engaging digital ads, from custom video to mobile plug-and-play.

Innovative ad formats support different creative types to display rich media ads in different ways on a target website. Creative types or ad formats include both single asset types, i.e. expanding and dual asset types, i.e. banner with floating ads. A rich media banner contains an image, video, social media or any interactivity elements, we call it multimedia banner at times.

Brand Awareness & Brand Recall

Brand awareness with display advertisement

Often both brand recognition and recall are needed for brand awareness. Brand recall plays a very crucial role in getting more customers to stick with your brand as well as to buy your brand frequently. When you as a customer purchase a product, once it is over or depreciated, impulsively you search and buy that same brand, as the experience it has offered was worth the price. Also when a particular brand is out of the market and then it reemerges, if you previously had a pleasant experience you are possibly going to purchase it again, right?

A brand’s value is directly related to its existence in the memory of customers. Quite simply, if a customer recalls a brand, he is likely to buy that brand. If he doesn’t recollect it, he will buy the one he remembers.

People are spending ever-increasing amounts of time online. Specifically, online display advertising can be a remarkable pathway for brand advertising, letting companies reach the right kind of people at the right time.

With Vertoz, it’s important to continually learn about and improve your campaigns. You can do this by assessing how your ads, keywords and targeting selections are performing. You can do all this on our improved self-serve platform. Our ingenious platform enables you to get in front of your desired audiences, engage with them and create brand recognition by tapping into our large network of quality publishers. If you want to learn more about it, please click here for further information.