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3 Digital Advertising forecasts for the year 2016!

Digital Advertising

There is continuous innovation in advertising technology so traditional strategies like direct response marketing are becoming outdated. The online advertising world is an ever-changing industry and hence, it is a bit complex. But it gains points because it is exhilarating and occupied with good potential. It is a vivid fact that the early-adopters of new channels gets ‘brownie points’ in the competition and win their places as leaders in this online advertising industry.

So here’s a list of digital marketing forecasts set to redesign the online advertising industry in the year 2016:

In-house content capabilities will gain priority:
The nexus between publishing and technology has strengthened the brands and now they are forming their own in-house content hubs and newsrooms. They are progressively shelving agencies in a bid to become publishers. The advantage behind the in-house content production is that it allows brands to align their messages with popular culture, industry trends and current events.

Throughout the next year, we are going to see an upswing in the adoption of brand-side technologies. It is going to include designed content creation and curation plus the licensing of content amplification. And user-generated content.

The era of mar-tech and ad-tech will experience sideswipes:
The advertisers and marketers are eventually progressing towards the same goal, i.e. dedication towards consumer behavior and driving revenue. Both of them have used entirely different technologies to reach these common objectives, but it is going to change in the year 2016. We will see a bigger merges between marketing technology and advertising technology.

Advertising sector will be focusing on ‘push strategies’ while marketing sector will lean towards pull ‘strategies’ through software integrations. The whole scenario is influenced by the industry-wide data explosion plus the rise of programmatic advertising is further amalgamating the lines between mar-tech and ad-tech solutions.

Social engagement will see new hike with Live-streaming:
Interactivity is the element that differentiates the internet from other forms of media, like radio and television, which depend on limited audiences. So in the year 2016, there will be an emergence of popular live-streaming apps for facilitating an immense change in the realm of online video advertising. We will be seeing more and more brands tap into this exciting new channel.

Many big companies are already exploring ways to assimilate live-steaming into their digital marketing strategies. They are very much interested in building leadership programs and want to drive social engagement to attract new customers. This is done to target the millennials because they are the consumer segment that’s increasingly responsive to live-streaming video.

Advertisers are looking for new ways to create deeply engaging experiences for customers. In the year 2016, the banners ads may begin to dribble down into the realm of content-driven marketing campaigns. The brands and agencies will be at the lead because of their research, development and implementation. The new era of digital advertising will help marketers to understand the impact of content beyond fundamental engagement metrics like social shares and site surfing.